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We Recycle!


Our entire workflow is committed to being responsible to the environment. Not only does the recycling process include simple things like paper, cardboard, water bottles, metal pop cans, skids, and toner cartridges, we also recycle our film, plates, and most of the chemistry. Waste chemistry is shipped offsite by a licenced waste carrier and processed.


Printing Inks:


95% of the printing inks we use are vegetable-based, manufactured with organic pigments chosen for their low level of contaminants (VOC-Volatile Organic Compounds). Vegetable oils are derived from renewable resources, and also benefit the environment due to greater ease of removal from wastepaper during de-inking for recycling.


Responsible Paper Purchasing


We only purchase paper from responsible manufacturers that use certified forest fibre from independently audited, legal and sustainable sources. This means you can be assured that the paper comes from forests managed to meet the ecological, economical and social needs not only for today, but for future generations as well.


Ask to use our house sheets, they have the following environmental benefits:


Environmental Accreditations: FSC
Energy source: Renewable Energy 
Attributes: ECF, PCF                           
Technology applications: Digital      

Environmental Accreditations: FSC, SFI, PEFC 
Energy source: Biogas Energy                               
Attributes: ECF                                                          
Technology applications: Digital, Inkjet, Laser   



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